Digital Support

Our experts are available to help you navigate the road from seedling to harvest. Farming is a dynamic process. One size does not fit all, however, with an understanding of your soil, water and climate we can advise on fertilizers, plant management and other practices for you to maximize and de-risk your investment.

Farmers who invest in five acres or more of banana are granted access to our exclusive Banana Best Practices WhatsApp group. Here you can share questions, photos and more about your seedlings and get nearly immediate responses from our banana experts. We want to be a part of our customers journey, from seedling to thriving farm.

Being a part of our digital support system lays the groundwork for stronger market access as well. While the Tanzanian banana market is massive, it’s important that you know who to sell to and what prices are available. Furthermore, as we grow our banana businesses together, we can ready Tanzania to become an exporting nation of bananas. The opportunities are huge in this sector, and digital technology is playing an important part.




Often, it’s best to come and meet in person, shake hands and get a hands-on experience with your seedling investment. This is why we offer -for free- training and demo days at our Training Center, 50 minutes south of Moshi, at our nurseries and plantations.

In person or in company trainings, entirely tailored to your needs, can be arranged through our sales staff. However, these are not free of charge.

Together with our partner Rijk Zwaan we organize field days where the latest varieties are presented. This puts us at the forefront of new developments in the world of plant growing. Our focused activities, based on the application of modern techniques need to be connected with an intensive know-how transfer.